From Hoshina Gakki: Ibanez GIO [Guitar Review]

You’re looking for an electric guitar; maybe you’re an aspiring musician looking for your first piece, or you could be an experienced guitarist wondering what’s new in the scene as we head into the new year. Well, you’re in luck either way: the Ibanez GIO electric guitar is one instrument that’s definitely worth a look... and a listen.

Stylish and Affordable

The Ibanez GIO line is a line of stylish electric guitars, featuring a classy mahogany finish that wouldn’t be out of place at a hard rock concert… or on the stage of a modern electric orchestra. Its plain and simple look emphasizes quality of sound and personal presence. It’s a forgiving instrument, which was designed to be well-suited for beginners… but that doesn’t mean that it can’t produce that deeply resonant sound which any experienced electric guitarist would appreciate. It’s an affordable piece, too; economically priced for those who aren’t entirely sure as to what they’re doing just yet.

Ibanez GIO for That Real Feeling

You want an electric guitar that hums when you strum it. You want its look and feel to be solid and authentic, inspiring the sound that inspires you still further – in an upward spiral that doesn’t end until after the set is complete. You need that quality; it’s what every musician deserves from their instrument… and no matter how long you stick with it, whether you move on from your Ibanez GIO in a few months or you stand by it for years? It’ll start you off with that feeling, and show you what it is that drives musicians – and fans – absolutely wild.

The Quality of Ibanez GIO

The Ibanez GIO electric guitar features a single sound and tone, which can be adjusted to suit exactly the style that you’re looking for. Its U-shaped neck profile matches the classic appearance of the electric guitar; this is the Real Deal that you’re holding in your hands, and it feels that way. Twenty-four medium frets are available, courtesy a fifteen and three-quarters inch radius fretboard on a scale of twenty-five and one-half inches. The Ibanez GIO’s high quality fixed bridge belies many of the problems often experienced with economically priced guitars.

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Do You Own an Ibanez GIO?

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