Gold N Hot Gh5135v1 Elite 1875 Watt Ionic Full Hood Professional Hair Dryer

Going to a professional salon and having someone twirl and curl your hair is an exciting and relaxing experience. You are able to walk out the door with a great new look. However, what about when you’re trying to recreate that same look at home? Sometimes you need the salon style equipment to get the job done right. The Elite Gh5135v1 unit is exceptional in drying hair and is also considered to be just as good as the professional salon hair dryers, with less fuss and gossip during your drying session.

Features and Functions

Priced approximately at $60, this salon style, full hood, hair dryer is compact and durable. It features two heat and speed settings to help with a combination of styles and has an ion generator with a switch to turn it off and on. Under the hood you will find double vents that allow for the airflow to come out evenly disbursed. There are two different positions that the hood can be customized to for individualization. It also has a handle for transporting it. With a total review score of 3.3 stars out of a possible 5, this product is definitely worth looking into.

The Strengths of the Gh5135v1

Many people have chosen to purchase this hair drying unit as a gift and have raved about how happy their receiver was upon opening this gift. Others have complimented how well the dryer easily distributes heat among the users hair. The two settings for the hood has come in handy for several consumers as it has allowed them not only to dry their own heads, but that of their children’s and friends quickly and efficiently. When compared to the salon style, or commercial hair dryers, many consumers have mentioned that it works just as well if not better.

The Weaknesses of the Gh5135v1

The construction of the Gh5135v1 is of plastic, meaning that it may not be as sturdy as some users would like for it to be. Some consumers have experienced the clip, holding the hood, to pop out during the first few usages. It can be fixed, but continues to prove to be problematic. The weight of this unit is great, raves some consumers. Whereas others will complain that the bonnet, or hood, is not large enough for those with fuzzy, or curly hair. A few consumers have experienced this product not working as intended. These issues have included the unit not heating up completely and eventually dying.

In Conclusion with the Gh5135v1

Many hair dryer reviews will state that the product was great, and that they recommend it for others, but they do not truly go into detail with how their experience has been with using the product. The Gh5135v1 seems to be an easy to use alternative for spending time and money at the local beauty parlor. Although there are other like styles of hair dryers, this one is priced around $60, making it on the lower end of commercial salon type dryers for your home.