Yamaha APX500 Acoustic Electric Guitar Review

Today I am going to take a look at Yamaha’s APX500, a well-loved acoustic-electric guitar to look at its strengths and weaknesses and what type of person it is most suited to. If you’re thinking about buying a guitar, I hope you find this review helpful. You can also find more reviews if you surf over to Your Instrument Reviewer. Let’s take a look then, shall we?

What’s this guitar like, then?

The first thing you should know is that it’s an acoustic-electric guitar, which means it can be played for performance with or without an electrical amplifier. This means its usage can be much broader than that of a simple acoustic or electric guitar.

The guitar itself is made of a spruce top, nato back and sides and a rosewood fingerboard. The guitar weighs less than seven pounds. There is an electric pickup, a tuner and EQ settings which can be adjusted, too.

What advantages does this type of guitar have?

When recording music in a studio, it’s possible to capture the acoustic sound of the guitar without having to ‘mic it up’ – a process which can lead to a reduction of sound quality if not done to a high standard. It also means that you can alternate between a true acoustic, unamplified sound and an electric guitar sound even in the same song without having to use a pedal.

Who is this guitar good for?

This guitar will appeal to a god number of people. From accomplished players who wish to use the guitar in live performances and studio work, to those who wish to have a strum and a singsong with their friends, right through to beginners. I think this guitar is particularly good for beginners due to its comfortable design, lightweight build and ease of use.

Is there a negative side to it?

People may purchase this guitar expecting to switch it to its electrical option and get the sound of a Les Paul or a Jackson. That isn’t going to happen, even with the application of effect pedals and distortion. The simple reason for this is that the pickup, the action and the body of the guitar are all typical of an acoustic guitar, rather than an electric one. It doesn’t play like an electric guitar. So if what you really want is the sound and feel of an electric guitar, you’d better buy one of those instead!

What’s you overall opinion of this guitar?

I actually like it very much. It’s not all that different from competing models which I also like. I see it fundamentally as an acoustic guitar which is geared up and ready for interaction with the electrical and digital realm. As such, it’s ideal for people who are interested in writing, recording and performing their own music. It’s also a great guitar to start learning with. People who bought this product on Amazon currently rate it with 4.6 stars out of a possible 5. So it seems I’m not the only one who likes it! I hope this review has been of use to you!