The Time has Come to Fix Mortgage Repayments as Rate Rise Looms

It was a sharp reminder to a generation of homeowners that low rates would not last forever when Bank of England governor Mark Carney announced in November that mortgage interest rates were to rise for the first time in a decade. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); That reminder –...


Costs of Living in Manchester UK in 2018

Manchester is an ethnically diverse and thriving city in the north of England. It has a fascinating architectural history and has bred and attracted artists, musicians and celebrities over the centuries. If you are considering moving to Manchester, the various costs listed below will help you make an informed decision...


Facebook: Social Network or Digital Bank?

Technology is transforming one of the most essential mediums that touch every individual on the planet: money. Bitcoin's astronomical rise demonstrates how much demand there is for a universal digital currency, but is Facebook getting in on this global paradigm shift early on? Be that as it may, everything holding...


Is Coworking Space Worth It? A 2018 Guide to Working Remotely

Coworking as a working culture has shot into the stratosphere in the past few years. As indicated by one investigation, there were up to a million people working out of coworking spaces in 2016/17. The amount of coworking premises is set to increase from 11,300 in 2016 to 13,800 before...


Could IOS detect when you hover your finger over your screen?

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple  could be working on new gestures for its iPhones. In addition to normal touch gestures, iOS could detect when you hover your finger over the screen to trigger some actions. When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone, he spent quite a bit of time demonstrating...


Optimize your website to be ready for Google’s crawlers with Botify

Most businesses live or die on Google search rankings. If you can’t crack the top few results, it’s almost impossible to consistently drive organic traffic to your site. But how does Google decide which sites appear at the top of the results list? It uses Googlebot, a proprietary automated software script to “crawl” every...

Tech Lebanon

What Lebanon’s women in tech are teaching Silicon Valley

Asia Joumaa is a Lebanese web developer at the Beirut-based internet company Pixel38 and the top student to graduate from the second training cycle of SE Factory, an intensive coding bootcamp that provides young people with the technical skills they need to land jobs in the Lebanese digital sector —...

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